Basque Library FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Basque Library

Who are the Basques? Where do they come from? What is unique about the Basque language?

The Center for Basque Studies addresses these questions on their website.

Visit the Center for Basque Studies

How can I find materials in your library?

Go to the Library Search discovery tool. Key your search into the box. You can search for titles, authors, keywords, and Library of Congress subjects. 

I don't live close to the University of Nevada, Reno. Can I borrow materials from your library?

In many instances, we can loan you materials through an interlibrary loan program. Take the citation that interests you to a university or public library interlibrary loan department in your area and ask them to initiate the request for you. After the request is made, allow several weeks for the requested material to arrive.

My surname or a name in my family tree appears to be Basque. Can you confirm whether the name is Basque and tell me about it?

Upon request, library staff will check reference sources to confirm the Basque identity of a surname. Some of the sources we consult are Diccionario Onomástico y Heráldico by Jaime de Querexeta (Bilbao : Editorial La Gran Enciclopedia Vasca, 1970-1983), and Blasones y linajes de Euskalerria by Endika de Mograbejo (Bilbao : Editorial Amigos del Libro Vasco, 1991). We do not have the staffing to trace family genealogy.

I think I know the town/province/location where my Basque ancestors originated. Can you help me find that place on a map?

We are often able to answer map questions using print maps in our collection. Reasonably priced folding maps of the Basque Country can be found at Basque Imports.

I am interested in purchasing good books on Basque subjects. Where can I buy them?

Books on Basque language, literature, history, anthropology, politics and more are published and distributed by the University of Nevada Press. You can also buy in the Elkar bookshop.

Many Basque Americans were sheepherders when they first came to the United States. Where can I get information about their way of life?

Our library has a number of interesting books on the lonely life of the Basque sheepherder in the Western United States. Find them using the Library Search discovery tool.

Where can I get reliable information on Basque immigration to the United States?

The article, Calculating Ethnicity Through the U.S. Census: The Basque Case by William A Douglass, BOGA: Basque Studies Consortium Journal: Vol. 4 : Iss. 1 , Article 1, gives a useful summary of data on Basque Americans from the 1980-2010 census.