Public Domain in the Basque Library

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Starting on March 14, 2022, we will be providing the opportunity to look at these beautiful items. Come see us and visit our exhibit of rare books selected for this event. The display will be in our public area until April 6 and it will contain the following books:

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  • Musical instruments, from the title page of "Chants populaires du Pays Basque : paroles et musique originales."
  • Incipit of the Gernikako Arbola anthem, from "Vizcaytik Bizkaira : zarzuel esukaldun, en 3 actos," p. 70.
  • Man, oxen and wagon, from the frontispiece of "In the Shadow of the Pyrenees from Basque-Land to Carcassone."
  • Printing’s stamp, detail from the frontispiece of "Vizcaytik Bizkaira : zarzuel esukaldun, en 3 actos."
  • “Meça Saindua Entzuteko Othoitzac”, detail from "Gudu izpirituala : ceintan aurkhitzen-baitire passioneen bentzutzeco eta bicioen garaïtzeco moyanic hoberenac eta segurenac," p. 7.
  • Detail from the title page of "Orreaga (Roncesvalles) : balade escrita en el dialecto guipuzcoano."
  • Aritmetika-Ikasgayak, detail "Ume koxkorrentzat euzkeraz egindako zenbakiztiya edo aritmetika," p. 3.
  • "The Belles and Dames of Goust," photograph detail, "A midsummer drive through the Pyrenees," p. 175.
  • Men were Working at the Coarse Hay, photograph detail, "The adventurer in Spain," p. 282.
  • Jeu de Pelote Basque, photograph detail, "Le Pays Basque Français," p. 36.
  • A Nun, detail from "Artistic travel in Normandy, Brittany, the Pyrenees, Spain and Algeria," p. 94.
  • Iruña/Pamplona, detail from "Northern Spain, painted and described," p. 290.
  • A window, detail from "Provincias vascongadas," p. 167.
  • Two boats, detail from "The Basque Country," p. 120.