Open Access Challenge

Why should you be ready for open data?

The scientific landscape for data management and sharing is changing on a national level. All federal sponsors of research are required to strengthen their requirements for grantees make all data produced from federally funded research free and publicly accessible at the time of publication or at the end of the award period, whichever comes first. The National Institutes of Health has taken the lead and updated its Data Management and Sharing Policy to meet these new standards, and we expect other federal sponsors to follow suit.

Are you up for a challenge?

A collection of items included in the swag bags available for the challenge.

In 2023 we designed the Open Access Challenge to help researchers complete a small task each week that will help them set up the systems needed to manage their data in accordance with these new requirements and standards.

During October of 2023 weekly challenges were sent out to researchers via ResearchNotes that helped them take steps towards accessing these tools and making them more equipped to manage data. Those who took part in the challenge were entered to win one of three swag bags provided by Research & Innovation!