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Jessica Maddox Archivist I

Special Collections

Devon Marcille Library Technician 1

DeLaMare Library (Engineering and Physical Sciences)

Mary Martini Library Assistant III

Library Services

Don Massie Instructional Technologist

Teaching and Learning Technologies

Emily Mathews Library Application Specialist

Web and Applications Technologies

Ian McGlory Harry Reid Papers Archivist

Special Collections

Ann Medaille Director of Liaisons and Research Services   (775) 682-5600   Schedule an Appointment   KC 214K

Research Services (Reference and Instruction)

Usha Mehta Library Technician I

Research Services (Reference and Instruction)

Tati Mesfin Library Instructor   (775) 682-5595   Schedule an Appointment   MIKC214B

Research Services (Reference and Instruction)

Robin Monteith Assistant Director of Development

Development and Alumni Relations

Molly Mott Library Technician I