Streaming video for course use

The University of Nevada, Reno Libraries accepts requests for streaming video that are required course viewing. Due to current budget constraints, restrictive vendor licensing terms, and high costs we recommend that you consider all of our currently available streaming video options before placing a request for new material.

Selecting video from our current collection

Before requesting new videos, please search our available streaming video holdings in Library Search. When you find a video you want to use for a class in our streaming video collections, you may place a request with Course Reserves. Staff will work to ensure that the requested streaming video will be available for your class when you need it. We will assure the video is licensed, accessible, and provide a permalink to the video in the Course Reserves area of your WebCampus course.

Requesting new streaming media 

If you cannot find the video you want to use or a suitable alternative in our streaming video collections, please contact your Subject Librarian; and library staff will work to find a version you can use. Please place requests as early as possible and allow for several weeks between submitting the requests and gaining access. If the film is not available from one of the six vendors listed below, we will not likely be able to stream for your course.

  • Requests are for course materials only and must be required viewing for the entire class.
  • Requests are typically limited to five film requests per course.
  • Films for faculty training and research purposes should be licensed by the respective department or college.
  • Please plan ahead and submit requests based on the date needed for a class. We receive many requests for videos and prioritize them by the “date needed by” specified on the form.
  • Consult the table below for timeline information in your planning.
  • Each semester, for each film you plan to use in a course, you need to make a new request.  Because access to films is typically based on an annual license that expires each year, this allows us to ensure continued availability.
  • The Libraries will notify you by email when the requested video link is available.  To check on the status of a particular request or if you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Subject Librarian for your department or program. 

Requesting Kanopy streaming videos

Videos that are not already licensed need to be requested in advance. When you try to play a film in Kanopy that is not already licensed, you will see a pop-up form to request access. Access to the approved film can be made available within three business days and you will be notified when access is up.

Streaming video purchasing platforms

Streaming video purchasing platforms
Availability Vendor Estimated timeline Cost Number of simultaneous users Captions available
Available for License Kanopy 1 week $150/$300 average for 1 year Unlimited Yes
Available for License Swank 1 week $120 for 1 year Unlimited Yes
Available for License Film Platform 1 week $225 for 1 year Unlimited Yes
Available for License Docuseek2 2 weeks $275 for 1 year Unlimited Yes
Available for License Good Docs 2 weeks $559 for perpetual streaming Unlimited Yes
Available for License Media Partners 2 weeks Varies by film/number of users, but on the high end Varies by film Yes

Regarding captions

Occasionally captions are not available until requested. This may affect the timeline and impact the cost for licensing. We always check for captions and request them immediately if necessary. 

Other considerations:

  • Streaming video availability depends on licensing terms put forth by the content provider and availability of the library collection funds.
  • When no educational streaming licenses are available, the Libraries cannot stream the film. As an alternative, we will place a legally-owned and captioned DVD on hardcopy reserve if available. Please let us know if you'd like this option for films unavailable for streaming.